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Robert J Smith For Hire

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I bring a unique skill set to the table based on my years of experience with leadership, online marketing, and web development. I am a seasoned professional that understands the work-ethic, drive, and determination it takes to be successful in any position. I enjoy wearing numerous hats in any organization. It takes the right team in place to make any organization reach its full potential.


This website serves as my interactive CV/Resume.  I also use this website to blog about topics relevant to my career.  Feel free to browse the various sections of the site accessible through the navigation bar.  You can find out more about me as well as my experience and some of the notable accomplishments throughout my career. For privacy purposes, some more personal information has been removed.  If you would like more specific information please simply contact me.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


Robert J. Smith (Josh)

Robert J Smith















Leadership Skills Online Marketing Web Development And Design

"Josh completes changes with urgency..."

That’s It Creative Services has done wonders for My Three Kilts and our presence on the internet! Josh is always a phone call or email away and is ready with advice or bouncing ideas back and forth. Josh completes changes with urgency and to specification. The service provided is far more than just a website; it is a complete solution to our advertising needs!

Robert Eaton
My Three Kilts

"Josh Smith is truly a creative Guru..."

I used That’s It! Creative Services for my Logo Design, Business Cards and my Website. They took all the elements of my business and turned it into a single logo, I was absolutely blown away when I saw the final product. All I could say was THAT’S IT! Lead Designer and Principal, Josh Smith is truly a creative Guru!

Robyn Jacobs
Artful Creations By Robyn, LLC

"Josh will follow through..."

Great customer service! Excellent communication. You never have to wonder what’s going on or if Josh will follow through. Josh is a man of his word and he makes sure he provides excellent service! He goes above and beyond to ensure that my needs as the client are met! He does great work and provided a quality product. He also has a very quick response time.

Gwen Jones
Heavenly Sweets Bakery

"Tireless effort and work in the spirit of excellence..."

A great thanks for your tireless effort and work in the spirit of excellence, we owe you more than we can even imagine. Your creation of our comprehensive brand image and stellar marketing campaign have truly catapulted us to levels we didn’t even know were possible!

Jennifer Faison-Edwards
Muse Photography

"Josh taught me a lot about effective leadership..."

Josh taught me a lot about effective leadership and driving results in a sales team. He also taught me how to handle different employee situations. I learned a lot about dealing with escalations and business customers as well. I would definitely work for him again!

Wesley Dula
Verizon Wireless

"I found him to be a person of great character..."

This letter is in reference to Joshua Smith. I had the pleasure of working with Joshua for a year. I found him to be a person of great character and a devoted manager. He was knowledgeable of his position and treated all his employees fair and with respect. He was very motivational to me both personally and professionally. It was indeed a pleasure learning from him and working with him. He’s loyal, dedicated, professional, and would be a great asset to your company.

Sharward Moore
Verizon Wireless

"He became one of my most trusted employees..."

This letter serves as a personal recommendation for Robert Joshua Smith. My name is Michelle Thomas. I was Josh’s District Manager at ABC Phones. Josh was a great employee. He was willing to travel to whatever location I requested and work for however long we needed him there. He became one of my most trusted employees when I needed help with something.


Very dependable and consistent, he always did his best to beat the goals and quotas we set and usually surpassed them. Josh and I both left ABC Phones to pursue a career with Verizon Wireless in Goldsboro, NC at around the same time. I enjoyed the opportunity to work beside him as a co-worker. He definitely brings a lot to the table and is a fantastic salesperson. He truly focuses on the customer and finds a way to give them only what they need while still surpassing the needs of the company he works for. He is always willing to help others any way he can. He is honest, trustworthy, and strives to be the best in every area of his career.

Michelle Thomas
Verizon Wireless

"He is a very hard worker and has a great sense of humor..."

I was one of Josh’s supervisors for a little over a year finally becoming his Manager. He is a very hard worker and has a great sense of humor. He brings a positive energy to the workplace. I saw him grow quite a bit in his career in a very short time. He started out as a Part-Time Sales Representative and quickly became our Top Producing Full-Time Sales Representative. He is willing to do whatever needs to be done without being told and will sacrifice for the good of his team.

You can always count on Josh to do everything in his power to reach his goals. I enjoyed supervising Josh and would highly recommend him to any reputable company. Thanks for your time.

Lafonia Edwards
Verizon Wireless

"I have come to value his opinion..."

I have known Josh for about 5 years. We have partnered on many projects and constantly exchanged “best practices”. Josh has always been one of the first people I call for advice when faced with a tough challenge. He mentored me when I first became a Retail Store Manager. I have come to value his opinion.

Joshua Obremski
Verizon Wireless

"He was always ready to lend a helping hand..."

Josh was my supervisor at U.S. Cellular for about a year. In that time, I found him to be a person of honesty, integrity, and a genuine sense of caring for his employees. He led through inspiring us to be our best. He was always ready to lend a helping hand when we needed help. He was also willing to spend time teaching us more effective ways to perform our responsibilities.


I considered him a very approachable person as well as an effective communicator. He did a great job taking time to explain company initiatives so that we understood them completely. He gave us the empowerment needed to do our jobs effectively as well. He believes in developing his team for their next position in their career so he always helped me see the bigger picture. In my opinion, he would be a valuable addition to any organization.

Jana Hill
U.S. Cellular

"He is a dependable, highly motivated person who targets results..."

I had the pleasure of being a Co-Manager with Josh at Verizon Wireless in Greenwood,SC. He is a dependable, highly motivated person who targets results. I would definitely work with him again in the future if the opportunity arose. Please contact me with any further questions. Thank you for your time.

Bridget Wood
Verizon Wireless

"Without any reservation I recommend Josh Smith as a great manager and leader..."

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brandan Holland and I worked with Josh Smith for over a year. He gave me the opportunity to grow as a supervisor in his store. Josh did a great job measuring my performance and offering suggestions on how to do my job better.


Due to his ability as a coach I ranked 7 out of over 1500 representatives in sales production. Also keeping in mind the store we worked at was in the lowest volume category. What I really enjoyed about Josh’s style was how he made himself available and was always approachable.


Without any reservation I recommend Josh Smith as a great manager and leader. His genuine concern for me as a person made me respect and work even harder than my natural ability. I know he could do great job accomplishing what your organization needs and adapting during these hard times. I will be glad to verify this letter if needed. Thank you.

Brandan Holland
Verizon Wireless