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Web DevelopmentMany web developers are not designers and vice-versa.  I am fortunate in the fact that my education and experience has caused me to learn both.  There is a common consumer question in the “website building community”, if you will, about understanding the difference between a web developer and a web designer.  Most of the time, the web designer is the one who creates the aesthetic look and feel of the site.  Then, the developer is the one who handles the heavy lifting of coding everything to look and function the way it is supposed to.  No one position is any more or less important than the other.  They are both equally necessary to build a website that functions properly while bringing the intended results.

During my education at Wake Tech, I have learned design concepts as well as various coding languages to ensure I am a well-rounded developer.  While developing numerous sites for clients, I have also gained real-world experience that cannot be picked up in a class.  Trial and error along with hours of YouTube videos and reading articles have become the norm in my learning.

I have two very distinct parts to the way my mind operates:

  • The logical, mathematical side
  • The creative, dreamer side

Building websites allows a solid marriage between analytic thinking skills and creativity. This makes creating websites as well as Digital Marketing a great fit for me!  In addition, the internet is a dynamic place of constant change.  I like the fact that there is never a stagnant moment.  This means it will never become dull and boring.

I am familiar, if not proficient, with various coding languages such as:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JQuery
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Etc.

I could work my way around WordPress with my eyes closed (all of my current sites are built on WordPress) and am fairly familiar with Drupal.  I also have enough Photoshop and Illustrator experience to be able to design full print pieces as well as Vector Logos.  I am not too familiar with InDesign as I use Photoshop for all design purposes (other than vector) because that is what I am comfortable with.  I am open to learning InDesign if required for a specific position though.

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